OCTOBER 15-21, 2023

Let's appreciate those who take care of our most vulnerable children

Inviting nonprofits, faith communities, groups and individuals to show radical love-in-action to child welfare workers across the country.

Child welfare staff experience extremely high rates of burnout and turnover. Community support can make all the difference.

National Hospitality Week is a collaborative effort among dozens of organizations across the US and is coordinated by The Contingent and Congregations for Kids.

It's easy!

You and your team can pick a day to support child welfare workers anywhere in the US.

A child in foster care is four times more likely to find permanence with one social worker versus when there is turnover.

- The National Center on Crime and Delinquency

Let's Celebrate Child Welfare Workers

"People won't know what the need is until we bring light to certain situations." — Portia