Get Involved

Don’t underestimate what a simple act of gratitude can do.

Get Started!


Find your local child welfare office (and give them a head's up)


Decide how you might lavish them with radical hospitality


Show them your appreciation by blessing their socks off

States with Participating Partners


The heart signifies states where there are confirmed participating organizations for NHW 2023. If there is a heart on your state, fear not, we still need YOU to participate! If there is no heart in your state, your participation means we are breaking new ground! Confirm participation by registering.

Check out these creative ideas

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Write thank
you notes

GettyImages-1407115390-e1673397258644 4

Send flowers to
the office

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Restock the break room
with snacks and coffee

GettyImages-1407115390-e1673397258644 2

Visitation room

Here’s what some great organizations did last year

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Ice Cream Truck
One More Child in Miami

GettyImages-1407115390-e1673397258644 7

Catered Lunches
Congregations for Kids, NC

GettyImages-1407115390-e1673397258644 8

Every Child Oregon

GettyImages-1407115390-e1673397258644 6

Coffee Cart
Olive Crest Washington