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Don’t underestimate what a simple act of gratitude can do.

Get Started!


Find your local child welfare office (and give them a head's up)


Decide how you might lavish them with radical hospitality


3) Show them your appreciation by blessing their socks off

Check out these creative ideas

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Write thank
you notes

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Send flowers to
the office

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Restock the break room
with snacks and coffee

GettyImages-1407115390-e1673397258644 2

Visitation room

Here’s what some great organizations did last year

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Ice Cream Truck
One More Child in Miami

GettyImages-1407115390-e1673397258644 7

Catered Lunches
Congregations for Kids, NC

GettyImages-1407115390-e1673397258644 8

Every Child Oregon

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Coffee Cart
Olive Crest Washington

Partners & Sponsors

Thanks to the organizations and individual donors who make this possible.

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