Frequently Asked Questions

What is “hospitality” for child welfare workers?

Hospitality is friendly or generous treatment of others. National Hospitality Week is all about making child welfare workers feel seen and supported with actions both big and small. You never know how a small act of kindness could completely change a person’s day.

Can any organization be involved with NHW?

Yes! NHW is for everyone, from businesses to faith communities to volunteering groups.

Are there any fees to be involved in NHW?

No! There are no fees to be involved with National Hospitality Week. We only ask that you register with us so that we can track who and where around the country is participating, and that after you hold your NHW event you send us your stories, photos/videos, and feedback!

If I’m an individual, how can I get involved?

If you’re someone who wants to get involved with National Hospitality Week, we suggest locating organizations in your state who are participating (map coming soon!) and reaching out to them to get involved!

If there isn’t an organization close to you participating, then you can still reach out to the child welfare office closest to you and coordinate your own way of showing hospitality. Either alone or with a group, you can offer to bring them snacks, coffee, or flowers for their break room.

What are the requirements for being involved with NHW?

The requirements are simple! To get your organization involved with National Hospitality Week, all you need to do is to fill out the registration form. We also request that you post on social media about your organization getting involved and to share your stories, photos, and video with us after the event. Check out our resources page.

How can businesses get involved?

Businesses can get involved either as a sponsor or by gathering volunteers and employees together as a group to hold a Hospitality event for a local child welfare office. If you’d like to register to let us know that you’re holding an event, please fill out our registration form. If you would like to become a sponsor, please email Brooke Gray.

How can churches or faith communities get involved?

Churches or faith communities can get involved by registering to hold a hospitality event for local child welfare offices. Please fill out our registration form to let us know that you are going to participate. Also, once registered, please check out our resources such as powerpoint slides and posters to help you spread the word to your community about NHW.