How The Idea Started

A collaborative effort between organizations that care deeply about child welfare workers.

In 2021, a group of foster care organizations convened to explore potential collaborative strategies. Through these discussions, a big idea materialized with the objective to support child welfare offices nationwide. In 2022, the inaugural National Hospitality Week was launched.


Scheduled in October to align with National First Responders Day, National Hospitality Week was a collaborative effort among dozens of organizations across the US that was coordinated by The Contingent and Congregations for Kids. The initiative facilitated collaboration involving 20 organizations, and orchestrated hospitality events for child welfare workers across 18 states. The first ever National Hospitality Week demonstrated the impact that community-driven, diverse collaboration can have on local child welfare.


Now, National Hospitality Week proudly enters its second year!!

With the help of a generous donation, we are excited to take National Hospitality Week to the next level in 2023!

Will you join us in in providing opportunities for the community to show up with unexpected and creative expressions of radical love-in-action?